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U7 (2009)


Formation: 4+1 (4 field players + 1 goalkeeper)


Tournament rules:


The competitive system

Field size: 32×16 m, artificial turf

Goals dimensions: 3x2m

Ball dimensions: no. 4

Game time:  – 2 x 15 minutes, 5 minutes break. During the break the teams will not leave the playing area.

Scoring game:

  1. Win = 3 points
  2. Draw =1 point
  3. Loss = 0 points


Qualification criteria

Group stage

  1. Once the group stage is over if two teams accumulated the same number of points, the following selection criteria will be applied:
  2. Direct result
  3. General score
  4. Greater number of scored goals
  5. Smaller number of received goals
  6. Fair-Play rankings
  7. Draw
  8. Once the group stage is over if three teams accumulated the same number of points, the following selection criteria will be applied:
  9. A ranking consisting exclusively of the results of the 3 teams having the same number of points will be drawn. The team that has a greater number of points gained against the other two teams will qualify.
  10. General score resulting from the matches played against the other teams who share the same number of points.
  11. Greater number of scored goals against the other teams who share the same number of points.
  12. Smaller number of received goals while playing against the other teams who share the same number of points.
  13. General score in relation with every played match.
  14. Greater number of scored goals in every played match.
  15. Smaller number of received goals in every played match.
  16. Fair-Play rankings for every played match.
  17. Draw
  18. If following the criteria enumerated above from 3 teams 2 of them will have the same number of points, the criteria for differentiating 2 equal teams will be applied.



  1. For matches played under the knockout system, if the two teams involved in a tie score the same number of goals, 3 kicks for each team from the penalty mark (7 m) will determine which team qualifies for the next stage.
  2. If the score stays equal after the execution of the penalty kicks, alternate kicks from the penalty mark will be executed by each team until one wins. Each player on the score sheet will be able to perform hits from the penalty mark, even if he was not active on the field at the end of the match.

C. During the execution shootout, the players on the game sheet of each team will occupy the center circle land, and other officials and supporters will stay off the playing surface.


Substitutions are unlimited, same as in handball.


Match sheet

Before the first match of the competition, each team’s officials will hand out the organizers a table sheet containing the team’s data and that table sheet will act as a referee decision board throughout the competition.


Players’ equipment

All registered players must wear set numbers on shirts. No number may be used by more than one player on a team and no player may use more than one number in the course of the competition. The numbers on the shirts must coincide with the ones from the match board.



The playing surface is artificial turf. The players are not allowed to use aluminum spikes both grass and in the artificial. The organizers recommend using plastic or rubber spikes.


The goal kick

A goal kick is awarded when the offensive team plays the ball out of the bounds of the defensive team’s goal line. After the ball is out of play, the goalkeeper will play the ball back into play using his hands.


The Throw-In 

A throw-in is awarded when the possessing team plays the ball out of the bounds of the touchline.  The throw-in will be shot as a kick.

The first shot of the match or the throw-in cannot be used for scoring goals.

When executing a free kick, all opponents must be placed at least 5 meters away from the ball, until the ball is back into play. The ball will be back into play as soon as it was touched or played.

Indirect free kick awarded inside the 6 meters semicircle will be shot from the line that marks this semicircle and the penalized team will be able to set up its defense wall on the goal line.

The goalkeeper will place himself in front of the defense wall and must keep a distance of at least 3 meters from the ball.

The penalty kicks are awarded when a defensive player fouls an attacking player or commits a handball in his team’s penalty area. The penalty kick is placed at the penalty spot at 7 meters.

The goalkeeper may move horizontally along the goal line before the shot is taken, but he may not come off the line until the ball is struck.

A player who has received two warnings will be removed from the field for a 3 minutes period.

A player who was been removed directly will be excluded for a 5 minutes period.

A player who has been removed just after his 3 or 5 minutes period of exclusion will be removed for good.



Teams must be ready to play 15 minutes before the start of the match. If in the appointed time for starting the game either team is not present on the ground, it will have a supplementary 5 minutes to align the start of the game and otherwise the team will lose that game 0-3.

Do not forget that the intervals between periods have a duration of 5 minutes and the teams are not allowed to leave playing surface.


Sanctions – disciplinary rules


The player eliminated directly with a red card will be suspended for one stage.

The player eliminated after cumulating two yellow cards will be able to play the next stage.

The addition of the cards does not count.


Fair-Play Ranking:

In case of equality of points between the teams, the 4th qualifying criterion is Fair Play rankings and

each card will have a negative value points , as it follows:

  1. yellow card =1 point
  2. elimination from 2 consecutive yellow cards = 3 points
  3. direct red card = 6 points

In order to compile the ranking only the official game sheets will be taken into account.


Teams behavior:

If during the tournament a team proves a violent attitude (challenges the referee’s decision, hardness of rivals, protests against the organizers, etc.), it can automatically be excluded from the tournament. All cases of exclusion from the competition will be reported in detail to the federal court that the club or the player is associated with.

Team delegates will be directly responsible for the attitude and behavior of their players in relation with referees, teammates, opponents, public, and organizers and for the sport facility materials (lockers, benches etc).

Organizers will inspect the lockers with the involved teams’ delegates before and after each match. In case of total or partial destruction of the sport facility materials (lockers, benches etc), the delegate, the team and the person who caused the damages will be held responsible.



The referee is the highest authority on the play field and has full powers to suspend or cancel any match if he or she notices any negative attitude coming from any team.



Any appeal or complaint will have to be submitted in writing to the field official in maximum 10 minutes after completion of the contested match. Compaints or disputes regarding the referee’s decisions won’t be accepted by the organizers.


Necessary documents for players’ verification:

  • player ID card


  • Passport


  • Original birth certificate

If the player does not prove disputed documents above is considered guilty of negligence and his team may lose the match 0-3.

For an appeal to be validated an amount of 25 EURO will be paid to the field official.

The appeal will be resolved on the spot.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, the appeal won’t be accepted if coaches or teams’ delegates don’t present the aforementioned documents.


Games program

The Organizing Committee has the right to modify the competition schedule.

The changes will be transmitted as soon as possible to the involved teams’ representatives.



All teams’ delegates will have to carry insurance for their players both inside and outside the playgrounds and present them to the tournament central office.

Organizers will not be held responsible for any injuries or illness occurred during tournament nor for any lost or stolen objects.


Acceptance criteria

Teams entered the JUNIOR FOOTBALL CUP 2016 EDELWEISS received, acknowledged and accepted this regulation created by organizers for the tournament.

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